Beginners guide to biohacking


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the massive hype around the term “biohacking”. The world of biohacking is a deep rabbit hole, this is meant to be a brief but helpful intro. We’ll go over what it is, how to do it, why you should try it & where to start. I’d like to use this article to introduce a few core biohacks that I’ve implemented in my life & have been well studied to improve your overall performance.
First off it’s important to know what the heck it means to be a “biohacker”. Biohacking is typically referred to as adjusting your inputs to improve your outputs, essentially “hacking” your own biology for the better. It’s good to know this could be as simple as taking proper supplments & implementing daily meditation, or as complex as injecting hormones to change your biology entirely. There’s no right or wrong way to start, simply decide what it is that you’d like to improve in your life and then do the necessary research before attempting to improve that aspect of your life through a biohack.
Whether you’re a soccer mom looking for more energy to better tackle your “mom duties”, an elite entrepreneur looking to step up your business game, or an athlete looking to boost your endurance & reaction time, biohacking can be used to help virtually everyone. Warning- I’m not going to get too deep today, so if you’re an experienced biohacker this article might not be for you. We’ll get deeper in future posts, but this one’s going to be simple, easy to implement & effective.
1- Light Exposure
Getting the right amounts of proper light exposure while limiting the wrong kinds is a hack that everyone can & should improve on. I don’t necessarily like saying “good or bad” light because just about all types of light can be helpful if your exposure to it is at the right time (typcially following your circadian rhythms). In the mornings you want ultraviolet-b light (sunlight). This helps your body naturally produce vitamin D3 which is essential for an insane amount of bodily functions that are key for proper health. I recommend a short walk in the morning shortly after waking up to receive these benefits and start your day off right. At night you want to make sure you limit blue light because it inhibits your bodies natural melatonin production. Blue light is the light coming off all our devices (cell phones, computers, tvs, etc.) which most of us are unfortunately using 2 inches from our face minutes before going to bed. Stop doing this. I recommend stopping use of these devices an hour before going to bed to help your brain produce the melatonin needed to help your body fall asleep & stay asleep. If you want to become a biohacking hipster you can even get a pair of blue light blockers. These have become popular in the tech world to prevent over exposure to harmful blue light that can result in dry eyes, headaches, etc.
2- Eat more fats
A common lie that health professionals in America preach is that saturated fats are harmful to us & increased our risk of heart disease.  This is false. I’ll let you do your own research but my guess is you’ve already seen the hype around fat based diets like the Ketogenic diet. Whether you decide to go all keto or not is up to you & your biology, but one thing is for sure, eating more healthy saturated fats will do your body good. Here are a couple good rules of thumb. Eating more healthy (saturated) fats will improve overall health, while eating more sugars or carbohydrates typically results in your body storing fats. While there’s more to it than that, it’s important to understand the power of healthy fats. If you haven’t already heard of Bulletproof coffee I recommend checking it out to see if it turns your morning cup of coffee into a magical experience that fuels you into achieving the impossible. Alright it’s not NZT but it’s definitely a great way to extend your caffeine throughout the day & prevent the crash (I drink mine almost every morning). Final note- fats reduce inflammation & inflammation is linked to virtually all diseases on the planet.
3- Supplementation
While taking the right supplements won’t turn you into an olympic athlete overnight, the right ones will help you optimize your health, prevent future illnesses, & take your mental performance to new heights. We will spend a lot more time on supplementation in the future so I’m only going to list the basics here. Most Americans have a  mineral deficiency. A great way to naturally replenish these is by adding 1-3 tsp of pink sea salt to your morning glass of water. Sounds weird, but sea salt contains more than 60 types of minerals that will drastically benefit your overall mood & health. I recommend adding some lemon juice to this morning concoction that I got from Aubrey Marcus (founder of Onnit) so that it balances out the saltiness & your ph levels. Next on the list is vitamin D3 taken with Vitamin K2. I could spend hours writing just on the importance of this combo, but to save time check out this article if you want the juicy details. Finally, I recommend taking 200mg of L-theanine with 100mg of caffeine for balanced focus without the usual jitters you get from caffeine. I personally take Boost on days I need to crank out a wild amount of work with ease. Maybe I’m biased, so don’t just take my word for it and check out these testimonials from our wildly happy customers. I wish I could go more in depth, but I guess you’ll have to check into our next posts for more details on nootropics & supplementation, or satisfy your mental blue balls by researching these on your own time.
I promise that if you begin implementing these simple recommendations & continue doing your own research to see what other health hacks are out there, that you’ll improve your lifestyle drastically. Only you can decide what’s best for your body, but remember your body is the only place you have to live. I strongly urge you to invest some time & do what it takes to improve your health, happiness & productivity levels. Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more. If you liked this article, please share it. Have a topic you want us to write about? Send us an email & let us know!

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